2nd page of inspector Kinet’s report.

On 11 September 1945 at 11.00 a.m. I interviewed Chaja Weizblum, living with Abus Blumenfeld, Polish national, a furrier, born on 10 May 1909 in Opatów (Poland), residing at rue Feronstrée 37 in Liège, who out of her free will chose to testify in French the following:

I was arrested by the Germans on 22 February 1943 in Récourt, where I was hiding. On 19 April 1943 I was deported to Auschwitz because I was Jewish. I was interned in this camp until 13 January 1945.

I didn’t know this woman named Adler, who appeared in my husband’s testimony. During my detention I knew only the following people, who died in Germany:

– Chaja Schneider, who was shot by the German SS men in April 1945 and had lived in Belgium, but I don’t know in which city,

– a married woman Pinckaus, who died in 1944 in Auschwitz as a result of bad treatment. All I know about her is that she had lived in Belgium, but I don’t know where.

It is my duty to provide you with the names of the Germans who were assigned to the camp in Auschwitz and who are responsible for atrocities and many prisoners’ deaths. These are the following:

– Wriths – Obersturmführer, doctor,

– Rodder [Rhode] – doctor,

These two doctors personally selected prisoners whom they subjected to experiments and operations.

– Schumann, Klobber [Clauberg] and Goebbels [Goebel] who “specialized” mainly in sterilization of women. These butchers often selected their victims from block 10, where women stayed.

There were more operation rooms in the camp in Auschwitz.

One of the doctors was Obersturmführer Weber, who must have lived in Berlin, was about 30 years old and took blood samples from the strongest prisoners upon their arrival at the camp. This blood, 250 centiliters taken from each person was kept and used for transfusions in order to save the lives of the SS men on the battlefront.

From the female personnel I know one Dams [Danz] who was about 26 years old, brown- haired, rather tall. She frequently abused prisoners.

I have signed the report after reading.