On 18 September 1947 in Łódź, Investigating Judge of the Third Region of the District Court in Łódź, S. Krzyżanowska, with the participation of court reporter Maria Adamczyk, heard the below mentioned as a witness. Having been advised of the criminal liability for making false declarations, the witness testified as follows:

Name and surname Danuta Czajkowska
Date of birth 4 August 1921
Parents’ names Zygmunt and Maria
Place of residence Łódź, Armii Ludowej Street 27/27
Occupation student
Criminal record none
Relationship to the parties none

Among the names of the suspects on the list shown to me, I am familiar with:

1) Luise Danz. She was an Aufseherin [overseer] in the concentration camp at Majdanek. I was in this camp from January 1943 to April 1944. Danz supervised the kommandos as they set off from the camp for work (Aussenkommando). I did not witness Danz particularly mistreating the prisoners. I know of some incidents when she hit or kicked one of the prisoners, but this did not exceed the normal behavior of the Aufseherin towards the prisoners.

2) Hildegard Lächert. I came across her for the first time in the winter of 1943, when – just after the arrival of our transport – she beat the newcomers. I witnessed an incident when Lächert fell on some women who were working on laying sewer pipes, grabbed one pipe and began to beat the women who were standing around. She injured some so severely that for a long time they walked around with bandaged heads (Zofia Kludke – I do not know her address – was crippled for a year and I don’t know if she has regained full control of her leg to this day). She used to beat people without any reason. The second incident I know of was when our block (the so-called block of “pawiaczki” [former Pawiak prisoners]) was subjected to a standing punishment in front of the Schreibstube [administrative office]. “Brygida”, as Lächert was called, lashed the prisoners on their backs with a leather whip. We couldn’t run off because it was a standing punishment and we were not allowed to move. Lächert’s conduct was not justified at all. She beat out of anger and sadism. It was obvious that it gave her satisfaction. The described events took place in March 1943. In the spring, when there were great thaws and mud, we were carrying straw mattresses, and “Brygida” told us to run at the speed of her count – one, two, three. One of the older women stumbled and fell. I wanted to help her up, but Lächert ran up and started to thrash us with a whip, driving us to get up quickly and join the ranks. Everyone knew that during the time of her service she would fall on the women and start beating them with gay abandon. She had a reputation among us as being the worst, a real sadist.

3) Emilie Mach. She was an Aufseherin, in one of the kommandos that worked outside the camp. She was not one of our worst overseers, I did not see her beating or punishing prisoners particularly. I know of some incidents (she spoke Polish) when she warned the women about the arrival of some higher ranking official (Oberaufseherin) so we could avoid getting a beating. She had quite a good reputation. Some women even called her “Mutti”. I do not know these incidents in more detail, but she often made it easier for prisoners to make contact with people from outside the camp. Whether she did so selflessly or if she derived any personal gain from it, I do not know.

4) Alice Orlowski. She acted as Aufseherin in the washroom and gardens. She is known for the fact that, like Lächert, she used to give beatings for no particular reason. When we were standing at the roll call, she could walk half an hour or more between the ranks, punching the women in the face. She was known for her punches to the face. In September 1943, when we were working in the gardens, before the evening gathering we had to run in order to line up. Orlowski thought we were running too slowly, so she ran up to me and some others to thrash us with a whip across the back and legs. She participated in the inspections of women returning from work at the gate of the camp. She would beat people without really looking if they really had something “forbidden” on them or not. She had the reputation among us of being a sadist.

I would like to mention the names of some fellow prisoners who can give testimony on the matters mentioned above:

1) Alina Dowadorska – Łódź, Wschodnia Street 31,

2) Ewa Walecka – Łódź, Śródmiejska Street 22.

The report was read out.