On 21 October 1947 in Kraków, a member of the Kraków District Commission for the Investigation of German Crimes in Poland, Municipal Judge Dr. Henryk Gawacki, acting at the written request of the first prosecutor of the Supreme National Tribunal dated 25 April 1947 (file no. NTN. 719/47), in accordance with the provisions of and procedure provided for under the Decree of 10 November 1945 (Journal of Laws of the Republic of Poland No. 51, item 293), pursuant to article 254, 107, 115 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, heard as a witness the below mentioned former prisoner of the concentration camp in Auschwitz, who testified as follows:

Name and surname Dr. Jan Reyman
Date of birth 1902
Religious affiliation Roman Catholic
Nationality Polish
Occupation chemist
Place of residence Kraków, Jabłonowskich Square 4/6
Testifies freely.

I was imprisoned in the Auschwitz camp from May 1942, and thus after the death of the prisoner Dubois, who was said to have died in 1941 and therefore I have no information about the circumstances of his death. More details about this may be given by the former Auschwitz prisoner Józef Węgrzyn, residing in Kraków, who reportedly stayed with the deceased until his last moment. I will give Węgrzyn’s address in addition to this statement.

The report was thereby concluded and signed.