On 17 October 1947 in Tarnów, Dr J. Piec, an Investigative Judge at the District Court in Tarnów, with the participation of a reporter, A. Kucharczyk, interviewed the person mentioned hereunder as a witness, without taking an oath. Having been advised of the criminal liability for making false declarations and of the provisions of Article 107 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, the witness testified as follows:

Name and surname Jan Tokarzewski
Age 45 years old
Parents’ names Bolesław and Maria
Place of residence Tarnów, Brodzińskiego Street 55
Occupation office worker
Religion Roman Catholic
Criminal record none

While I was incarcerated at the camp in Auschwitz, from December 1941 onwards, I encountered the following and know them by their surnames: Hans Aumeier, Max Grabner, Kurt Hugo Müller, Arthur Liebehenschel.

Hans Aumeier, who was a Lagerführer [camp leader], committed crimes against the prisoners, namely when Zugangs (new prisoners) arrived, he would stand behind the prisoners near the block, draw his revolver and shoot, however I did not see him kill anyone. He also beat and kicked prisoners. The inmates called him "Elbow-high". On more than one occasion I saw him beat and kick not only men, but also women.

Max Grabner was the head of the Political Department, but I had no contact with him. I was told by my colleagues that he would torment prisoners during interrogations.

As regards the accused Liebehenschel, the camp commandant, I have no charges to make against him. To the contrary, when he took over as camp commandant he softened the approach to prisoners, forbidding them to take off their caps to the SS men, and also released prisoners who had been locked up in the bunkers. On the whole, conditions in the camp were good during his tenure.

The suspect Kurt Hugo Müller was the so-called Arbeitsdienstführer [labor coordinator] at blocks nos. 15, 15a, 22, 22a, 23 and 10, and also supervised the workshops in which I worked. His behavior was faultless. As a matter of fact, he even struck me off a list of people who were to be deported from Auschwitz. I did not hear about him tormenting prisoners.

More information about the behavior and activities of the suspects may be provided by Dr. Szuszkiewicz, resident in Tarnów at Katedralna Street, and Włodzimierz Białota, [resident in] Tarnów at Zamkowa Street.

The report was read out and signed.