Kraków, 26 November 1947

Wojciech Marchwicki
Krakowska Street 44

To: the Prosecutor
of the Supreme National Tribunal
in Kraków

As one of the Auschwitz political prisoners from 1940, I have read in today’s newspaper horrible lies told by the greatest criminals, Grabner and Aumeier, who claim that they did not know why they had been sent to Auschwitz. As a political prisoner who spent five years in the camp, I would like to remind Grabner personally that on 9 January 1941 at midnight they “welcomed” a transport from Kraków consisting of 1,500 prisoners. Grabner himself tortured them in block 17 and, together with Palitzsch and Seidler, kicked those who were still alive until they died. I would like to kindly ask the Prosecutor to summon me as a witness so that I can personally provide facts and evidence which will contradict the lies told by the defendants.