Katowice, 3 December 1947

Stanisław Bucki
Railway ticket collector
Traffic Department of the District Directorate of State Railways

To: Dr Alfred Eimer
President of the Supreme National Tribunal
in Kraków

With regard to the ongoing trial against the greatest Nazi criminals, as a long-term political prisoner of the Auschwitz concentration camp (five years), I would like to submit my most incriminating testimony as an eyewitness of the most cruel murders committed and practiced in the camp. These were, for example, the burying prisoners alive in the snow or in the ground, killing prisoners with poles, and murdering Soviet officers and prisoners of war by subjecting them to trial gassing. Camp commandant Aumeier and Chief of the Political Department Grabner personally shot their revolvers at prisoners, just like SS man Krauzer.

I had 29 teeth knocked out in Auschwitz, and as a so-called Muselmann weighing 38 kilograms, I was twice selected for gas chambers in Birkenau, where I was transported on 13 March 1942 together with four and a half thousand other prisoners. Due to lack of gas, prisoners were stripped naked and killed with batons at the camp’s square; only 20 of us stayed alive thanks to the help of an underground organization.

I saw Aumeier force a son to kill his own father. I also saw him kill a prisoner for protecting himself from the cold with a piece of paper. I also witnessed a lot of other murders yet unknown to the Court.