Warsaw, 7 September 1945

Having read the article in today’s paper (about execution sites in the capital) I am reporting that during the uprising last year, from 6 to around 10 August, I was detained by the Germans on aleja Szucha and next at Litewska Street 4, from where I was taken to work tidying up basements in a house on Aleje Ujazdowskie, where there had been an officer school before the war.

I saw there with my own eyes a heap of naked human corpses lying in disorder on the ground floor in one burned building, reaching up to the landing on the gable wall. It was at 10:00 a.m. on a beautiful, sunny day. SS-men were wandering around the corpses, reportedly preparing space for the next convicts. I and three other Polish women who worked with me saw this. One of them was permanently employed there and she secretly showed us the site of theslaughter. She told us that the convicts had to get undressed themselves, lie down flat on the ground in fours, and then come to the pyre to face the machine gun.

When I was tidying up, I saw in the corner of the neighbouring basement by the exit door a heap, the size of a trunk, of different Polish documents, mostly of adult men. Thesurnames were Polish, mostly of intelligent people with a university education, photographs etc. They were probably the papers of the murdered victims.

The corpses were burned every two days at the site. It is fully rightful that a monument should be erected there, because hundreds of people died there.

Maybe those women who saw that place will come forward, or other people will testify.

I can testify this anytime and anywhere, because the sight is deeply ingrained in my mind and I will never forget it.

Weronika Łosińska, Warsaw-Praga, Targowa Street 4, flat 20