Łódź, 3 April 1946

Julian Bugajski
Łódź, Malwowa Street 3

To the Commission for the Investigation
of German Crimes in Warsaw
Municipal Court building, Leszno Street 13, room 643

During the Uprising in Warsaw I lived in Boernerowo which, although it was not in the immediate area of the uprising, was nevertheless affected by it because it lay in the first circle around Warsaw and was a place of constant quartering of all sorts of Nazi beasts.

Among others, a senior sergeant of Vlasov’s RLA, a certain Pyotr Semyonov from the Don Cossacks, was quartered in my flat, and like the rest of them was not eager to talk, but was very careful and only occasionally said anything.

Among other things, he informed me of two facts:

The soldiers in his formation had received orders that each had to kill at least 40 Poles per day.

The corpses of those killed are brought to Saski Square and piled up there; having completed the job, those carrying the corpses are killed on the spot; the heaps of victims are doused with some kind of liquid which dissolves bodies and clothing and turns them into a half- liquid mass.

Apart from that, I am attaching a book, intentionally obtained during the occupation as a document: Warschau unter Deutschen Herschaft, which could be useful in preparing the case against Fischer.

Kind Regards,
J. Bugajski