11 October 1946

In October and November 1939, in the area by the school on Remiszewska Street, opposite my house (Remiszewska Street 31), numerous executions [were conducted] by a German court martial, which was stationed nearby in the school at Stojanowska Street 12/14.

I witnessed the exhumation of the corpses about half a year after the executions. Local residents recognized their loved ones by pieces of their garments.

A teacher lived in the annex and a school janitor lived downstairs in the same building, on the school grounds.

I do not know what happened behind the wires, because within a radius of 30-40 meters the school was surrounded with wires (abatis); access was forbidden to all of us. My neighbors from Remiszewska Street 37 had been deported by the Germans for their own security purposes.

Signed: A. Trzmiel
Dziurgiel Halina