13 October 1946

In 1939, the Deutsche Kraft Polizei lived at the school premises at Stojanowska 12, it was written so on the entrance sign. Everything was sealed off with wire, nobody walked in the street by the school – it wasn’t allowed. The Kraft Polizei was the SS police with skulls. It was the worst kind of police. I saw a few men by the walls of the school, they were handcuffed with chains with padlocks, a German checked if the padlocks weren’t open. The second event was when a few men were standing with their hands up. They stood like that all day, and there was heavy rain pouring down.

The third event [was] when they led a young man to a hole made by a bomb. The German hit him in the spine with a browning, the convict fell, was kicked, and two people buried him. I fled.

I saw them lead one young man out of the school basement. He was not like anything human, he was so unshaven. They photographed him, I don’t know what they did with him after.

They built trenches along Remiszewska Street, so there was no way to approach the wire.

On 11 November 1939, they expelled people from the house opposite the school, where I lived. I moved to Stalowa Street.

There were Germans living in the school, there were Poles living on both floors of an annex. I didn’t know the lady who lived upstairs or the caretaker who lived downstairs in the annex.

Marta Woś, Szwedzka Street 10/13
Pietrzykowska, the same address