Warsaw, 9 April 1945
Wanda Lurie
Podkowa Leśna near Grodzisk
Dębowa Street, Mr. Krüger’s house

The Commission for the Investigation of German Crimes
in Warsaw

On 5 August 1944, between 11.00 a.m. and 12.00 p.m., the Germans entered Działdowska Street, burning the buildings and leading people out. We were led out to Wolska Street 55, to the Ursus factory, and there, after having been arranged in fours, we were shot. They used revolvers to shoot, on the march, from a very close distance, with a shot to the neck. I am the only one who, by miracle, came out [of that whole situation], even though I received four shots. I laid in a pool of blood between the corpses for three days. Anybody still alive was finished off with a shot in the back of the head. In that way, over 4,000 people were murdered. This is a list of the people from the building in which I lived (Wawelberga Street 18):
1. Jan (janitor) and Marianna Jastrzębski, with their children Krystyna, 11 years old, and Kazimierz, aged 5.
2. Kuśmierski with his wife and daughter Marysia, 8 years old.
3. Piątkowska with her son, 35 years old (a tram driver).
4. Mr. and Mrs. Gąsiorek with their son Jędruś [Andrzej], aged 4, and the parents of Mrs. Gąsiorek. 5. Wilhelmina Czekalińska and her daughter Hania, 8 years old.
6. Ostrowski with his son Michał, 12 years old.
7. [Ms.] Gałecka.
8. Mr. and Mrs. Cieśliński; their daughter Wanda, 16 years old, was kidnapped by “Ukrainians”. 9. [Mr.] Andrzejewski and his wife.
10. The “little black [woman]”, who lived in the basement, and traded bread. 11. Mr. and Mrs. Wieczorek, their daughter with her husband, and son and his wife and their three children, Grażyna, aged 7, and [the others were] 4 years old and three months old.

12. A family from the ground floor, from no. 18.
13. Przewłodzki (administrator) with his wife.
14. Zygmunt and Helena Urlich with their sons Zygmunt, aged 12, and three-month-old Janusz. 15. Czesław and Jadwiga Kuczyński and their elderly mother Graba.
16. Mr. Szymański with his wife.
17. Kurkowiak with daughter Krystyna, 16 years old.
18. Alina Staworzyńska, 12 years old.
19. [Mr.]Janusz Sikorski (tailor).
20. Waniska (she worked at “Phillips”).
21. Mr. Kamiński.
22. Krystyna Kaczmarek, 12 years old.
23. The Lurie children: Wiesław, aged 11, Ludmiła, aged 5, and Lech, 3½ years old. 24. Jerzy and Jadwiga Błaszkiewicz with their daughter Joanna, aged 8. 25. Tadeusz Gulle with his wife, daughter Basia, aged 8, foster child and orphan Tadeusz Adam (I don’t know his surname), the sister and cousin of Mrs. Gulle, and their servant Anna, 17 years old.
26. Iwanowska (mother of an engineer at the City Trams Directorate). 27. Wiktoria Konicka (wife of a haulage businessman) with children Tadeusz, aged 11, Wojciech, aged 8, and Jędruś [Andrzej], aged 6. 28. Jan (electrical technician) and Zofia Koziorowski.
29. A Dutch factory owner on Wolska Street with his wife.
30. The sister-in-law of Mrs. Konicka, who was in the family way.
31. An acquaintance of Mrs. Helena Urlich, also pregnant, with her son Andrzej, aged 13; she lived in the count’s house at Wolska Street 53.
32. Two subtenants in the basement, with the “Little Black [woman]”. 33. The residents of the building at Działdowska Street 10.
34. Zych with his wife, and their daughter with her husband and three or four children. 35. Tkaczyk (Traczyk) – a large butcher’s family and a family from that home, unknown to me. 36. A few people who happened by chance to be in shelter in our building, all young people. 37. Jabłkowski with his wife, their son Zdzich, aged 8, daughter Bronka, aged 6, two sisters of Mrs. Jabłkowska, and an elderly mother carried out by their son-in-law on his back. 39. Joanna Kwiatek with her elderly mother.