Name and surname Piotr Dąbrowski
Age 42
Parents’ names Karol and Katarzyna
Place of residence Końskie, District Board Office
Occupation District Board Secretary
Religious affiliation Roman Catholic
Criminal record none

During the occupation, I worked as a secretary for Ruda Maleniecka commune. On 20 September 1943, the German gendarmerie from Radoszyce, namely: commandant Korelt, his deputy Ebner (who had a scar on his face), as well as gendarmes Miller and Tuszyński, arrested Stefan Firkowski, my deputy. They took him to Radoszyce, and the following day they transported him to Ruda Maleniecka, [where they] battered [him] and dressed [him] in a German uniform. That day, I was detained with my two subordinates: Wojciech Doniecki and Ignacy Grodzic. We were led near the fire station, where the commander told me that if they found weapons or a radio inside the station we would be shot. After a two-hour search, they found nothing. Let me say that we had moved the weapons from the fire station to a different location the previous night. During the search, Firkowski was lying on the ground with no strength left in him. When they had finished, they took him again to Radoszyce, where he was murdered after further torture. The gendarmes buried Firkowski’s body near the village of Kozłowa [?], Radoszyce commune. After liberation, the bodies were exhumed and buried in the cemetery in Końskie. The murdered man’s sister, Maria Firkowska, [who is] currently married, living on Małachowskich Street in Końskie, knows the exact details of Stefan Firkowski’s murder.

The report was read out.