On 7 September 1946, in Warsaw, Investigating Judge Józef Skórzyński, acting as a member of the Main Commission for the Investigation of German Crimes in Poland, interviewed the person specified below as a witness, who testified as follows:

My name is Józef Zołoteńki, I am the son of Antoni and Konstancja, née Bukowska, I am 69 years old, Roman-Catholic, a lawyer, I live in Warsaw at Fałata Street 6, flat no. 23, I have no criminal record.

During the German occupation, I worked in the Polish Municipal Board in Warsaw, in the Legal Department of the city commandant of Warsaw, Leist. As for the assassination carried out in Daniłowiczowska Street in 1942 or perhaps in 1943 of members of the German municipal administration: Braun – the head of the German accommodation office and Papst – the head of the construction office, in which they were both killed, I heard that Braun was a member of a special Gestapo court, whose members sentenced Poles to death. At that time, or perhaps later, I do not remember exactly, I heard that Leist was also a member of that court.

I do not know if this version is true. I cannot remember who told me about it. However, the above-mentioned version was a so-called open secret.

Personally, I had nothing to do with Leist; I saw him no more than twice in the office during his inspection.

I have nothing else to testify about. I have read the witness interview report.