16 Novemeber 1948, Magistrates’ Court in Zwoleń.

Case referred from the Commission for [the Investigation] of German Crimes in Radom.

Present: Judge Ławicki, reporter Urbanek.

The following persons appeared at the hearing:
[Adam] Szczepaniak, 31 years old, son of Władysław;
Antoni Sobania, 42 years old, son of Franciszek;

[Occupation]: both farmers

The [witnesses] testified as follows:

In the evening on 19 December 1942, our village, Mszadla Nowa, was surrounded by military policemen and “Ukrainians”. The military policemen walked around the flats with a list, but they mostly did not find any of the people from the list [in their] home[s]. They only found Władysław Dygas and Stanisław Kubas. As they did not find who they were looking for, they took the parents or siblings from their homes. That’s how they rounded up 11 people, whom they told to lie down next to one another on the village road. Feliksa Kubas, her son Stanisław and daughter Balbina (aged 6); Maria Lachtara [?]; Józef Dygas, his daughter Maria, son Stanisław (aged 7), grandson Zbignew (aged 4), granddaughter Zofia (9 months old), daughter Wiktoria, and wife Rozalia lay there. Aside from that, the two of us, Antoni Krawczyk, Kazimierz Kostka, and Kazimierz Matuszkiewicz lay there with them. The five of us were caught by the Germans accidentally on the road. The Germans shot those lying on the ground one after the other, and they left us five alive; they ordered [us] to dig a pit, carry down the corpses, and cover them with soil.