On 9 January 1969, in Warsaw, the assistant prosecutor for the District Prosecutor’s Office for Warsaw-Żoliborz heard the person named below as a witness, without an oath. After being informed about the right [to] refuse to testify (Article 94 of the Criminal Code) and the criminal liability for false testimony, the witness testified as follows:

Name and surname Jerzy Zdrodowski
Age 66
Parents’ names Kalikst, Antonina
Place of residence Warszawa, Sady Żoliborskie Street 3, flat 68
Occupation economist at the Miejskie Przedsiębiorstwo Hotel Polonia
Criminal record none

I am a member of the Society of Fighters for Freedom and Democracy (ZBoWiD), Warsaw- Żoliborz division. At the end of November 1968, being given an order by the district ZBoWiD over the telephone, I took part in the commission that drafted the report for the exhumation of corpses, in particular the remains excavated at the construction site on Gąbińska Street. After arriving at the site, I determined that [the driver] of a backhoe had been making a ditch for the foundations and had dug up six or seven human skulls. Each of these skulls had been shot. Two of them belonged to juveniles. Apart from the skulls, we did not find any remaining debris or clothes that would allow us to identify the sexes.

These skulls lay at a depth of about two meters. From the position of the wall of the slope of the excavation, it turned out that the position of the ground was natural, and such a geological layout precluded that the rest of the remains were located deep within the slope. Most likely, the remains had been scooped up by the digger and none of the workers had noticed this occurrence. We didn’t determine where the soil from the excavation was taken. I think that these skulls came from the period of occupation.

After loading all the skulls into one crate, they were buried in the Bródnowski cemetery. I wasn’t present at the burial of the remains in the cemetery. The Żoliborz ZBoWiD division has no information of any execution being carried out in this area before the outbreak of the Warsaw Uprising, and therefore I think that these remains must come from the period of the Uprising.

I have personally read the statement.