On 20 January 1969 in Warsaw, the assistant prosecutor of the District Prosecutor’s Office for Warsaw-Żoliborz heard the person named below as a witness, without an oath. After informing the witness about the criminal liability for false testimony, the witness testified as follows:

Name and surname Stanisław Balcerzak
Age 41
Parents’ names Stanisław, Stanisława née Sokołowska
Place of residence Warsaw, Ogólna Street 28 flat 1
Occupation automobile locksmith – Spółdzielnia Pracy Autotechnika
Criminal record none
Relation to the parties none

From the day I was born until the present day, I have lived on ul. Ogólna, in the so-called Piaski [Sands]. I lived there during the occupation and the Warsaw Uprising. I left Warsaw with my mother in mid-September 1944, when the Ukrainians burnt our house down. My brothers Zdzisław and Edward were in the underground. Zdzisław, after one operation—this was still before the Uprising—had to flee to the partisans in the forest, while Edward fought in the Uprising. He was shot dead along with others in Żoliborz. My mother buried her brother on the property of Mr. Kaniewski on Słowackiego Street, and after the liberation his corpse was exhumed and buried in the military cemetery.

I don’t know anything about an execution that was supposed to have taken place on Władysław Burzycka’s estate, or that any corpses were buried there. If this happened, then it must have been after we were expelled from Warsaw. It was through Piaski that the route connecting the insurgents and the partisans in Kampinoski Forest passed. In this area, as I heard, the Vlasovs dug themselves in so that they could cut off the insurgents from the forest.

I have read the report personally.