On 29 January 1969 in Warsaw, the assistant prosecutor for the District Prosecutor’s Office for Warsaw-Żoliborz heard the person named below as a witness, without an oath. After being informed about the criminal liability for false testimony, the witness testified as follows:

Name and surname Bronisław Kazaniecki
Age 57
Parents’ names Stanisław, Barbara née Krawiec
Place of residence Warszawa, Wólczyńska Street 80b
Occupation carpenter, Wojewódzkie Przedsiębiorstwo Handlu Spożywczego [?] – Stalowa [Street] 77
Criminal record none

During the occupation and the Warsaw Uprising, until 23 August 1944, I was in Warsaw. I witnessed the execution of Więcek by the Vlasovs on 31 August 1944. I do not know about any other executions. I do not know anything about executions taking place in the Piaski [Sands].

I know that along the railway embankment through the Piaski ran an exchange route between the insurgents and the partisans, and weapons were also delivered this way. I know that in the Piaski there were skirmishes and shooting between the partisans and the Ukrainians stationed in this area. Perhaps the skulls found during the earthworks come from this period.

The report was read out.