1. Name, surname, rank, age, occupation, and marital status:

Gunner Grzegorz Gregoryczyk, 36 years old, locksmith.

2. Date and circumstances of the arrest:

15 May 1940, on charges of collaborating with [illegible].

3. Name of the camp, prison, place of forced labor:

Prisons: Stanisławów, Kherson, Kharkiv. A camp in Komi ASSR, Ukhta.

4. Description of the camp, prison, place of forced labor:

Barracks, poverty, very bad hygiene.

5. Social composition of prisoners, deportees:

Mostly Poles, political prisoners. People of mixed backgrounds in the camp.

6. Life in the camp, prison:

No remuneration, bad food and clothes.

7. Attitude of the NKVD towards Poles:

Beating and tortures were used to extort testimony. For example, cold water dripping on an immobilized person for 15 minutes, etc. News about Poland – two letters, from my brother and father.

8. Medical assistance, hospitals, mortality:

High mortality. There were hospitals, the doctors were often Polish.

9. Was it possible to keep in touch with the home country and your family?

10. When were you released and how did you join the army?

Released on 22 August 1941. I joined the Polish Army, the 8th Infantry Division, as a volunteer in Chokpak.