1. Personal data (name, surname, rank, age, profession, marital status):

Corporal Romuald Jacewicz, born 1919, farmer, single.

2. Date and circumstances of arrest:

I was arrested on 27 March 1940, for crossing the border.

3. Name of the camp, prison, forced labor site:

Peczorskije łagiera; working at railway construction.

4. Description of the camp, prison:

Taiga; low, muddy terrain; dirty, minimal hygiene. Living in large barracks, 250 people to each.

5. Compositions of prisoners, POWs, exiles:

Most of the people were Polish, part were Russian. Poles never lost their spirits. Mutual relations were good.

6. Life in the camp, prison:

We worked at railway construction, 12 hours [a day]. Remuneration depended on filling the quota beyond 115 percent. The quotas were high; each person had to transport 7 cubic meters of ground 120 meters far.

7. Attitude of the local NKVD towards the Poles:

the NKVD was brutal. Interrogations usually took place at night and didn’t come without a beating.

8. Medical assistance, hospitals, mortality:

Medical assistance was poor. Many people, whose names I don’t recall, died.

9. Was there a possibility to contact one’s country and family?

No contact [was possible].

10. When were you released and how did you manage to join the army?

I was released on 3 January 1942. After being released, I came to Lugovoy, where I joined the army on 27 February 1942.