1. Personal data:

Gunner Fabian Kaczyński, 25 years old, farmer.

2. Date and circumstances of arrest:

I was forcibly drafted into the Russian army on 6 May 1941 from Wypychy village, Białystok voivodeship.

I served in the Soviet army in Bila Tserkva.

3. Description of the camp:

Tents outside the city. Both the living conditions and hygiene were average.

4. Composition of POWs:

Composition of the army: mostly Russians and other local nationalities. Intellectual standing was average. Mutual relations were good.

5. Life in the camp:

Food was average and state clothing was quite good. Social life was quite good, peaceful, and cultural life was good.

6. Attitude of the local NKVD authorities towards the Poles:

We were constantly watched; on the whole their attitude was balanced, but sometimes they allowed [themselves?] smiles in response to [our?] failure.

7. Medical assistance:

Medical assistance was good.

8. Contact with the country:

Contact with the country and family was possible, but supervised.

9. When were you released and how did you manage to join the army?

I was released on 25 November 1941. I got through to the Polish army with the help of Soviet authorities.