Commission for the Investigation
of German Crimes
in Warsaw

Testimony given by citizen Edward Sterniczuk, [born] 1 May 1912, domiciled at Pańska Street 90, flat no. 35
It concerns: my arrest and transport to Pawiak prison.

On 16 January 1943, I was caught in a mass round-up on the corner of Młynarska and Wolska streets. They put me in a “shed” truck without checking my papers. The vehicle was full of men and women. We were taken to Pawiak prison.

Inside the prison, we were separated from the women and kept against a wall. After a few minutes, three SS-men came; they searched us and beat us without a reason. We were then ordered to run up to the second floor, where we were arranged in the corridor and where our papers were checked. The papers of those who were arrested were taken away from them; those who had their Arbeitskarten were released.

Since I worked in a municipal institution, I was released.

I testified truthfully. Before signing my name, I have read the witness interview report.