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In response to the appeal for the completion of the Katyń list, I would like to provide personal data of my uncle, my mother’s brother, a prisoner of Kozelsk:

1. Mieczysław Widawski, son of Ignacy and Aleksandra n ée Kowalik. Born on 18 November

1911 in Węglin, Janów district (the Hempel family estate) in the Lublin region.

2. A graduate of the Officer Cadet Corps in Rawicz near Poznań and the School for Artillery Officer Cadets in Toruń, later a lecturer at the School for Artillery Officer Cadets in the Reserve in Włodzimierz.
3. Lieutenant of the Polish Army, in active service. Lately in Włodzimierz.
4. N/A
5. Probably taken from Włodzimierz.
6. A letter from Kozelsk – 24 November 1939.
7. Photocopies of the letter and a school diploma of 1928/1929 (fifth grade). In our family collection we have numerous photographs of the above-mentioned (including a photograph with President Mościcki) and a diary with surnames of the graduates of the Officer Cadet Corps.
8. Elżbieta Gwóźdź-Biernacka.

Elżbieta Gwóźdź-Biernacka


Kozelsk, 24 November 1939

My dearest parents, brothers, and sister,

I’m in Russia (USSR), safe and sound. I don’t know whether you received my letter from Włodzimierz. I remember Kazio’s visit. You must have been worried that you hadn’t heard from me for so long. I myself wait anxiously for some message from you.

My dearest family! How are things in Głusk? Are you well? What about the Bolkis, and their little Bolek? Did you have a letter from him? How is mom? Please don’t worry mom, and watch your precious health.

As for my belongings, I left them in Włodzimierz, partially in the care of an acquaintance of mine. But that is nothing – life and well-being are important, so that we’d be able to see each other and be together again. I suppose that Kazio and Staś are home, that mom and father are well, and Bronia is also with you.

Maybe you’ll have some opportunity to collect them, so here’s the address of that lady from Włodzimierz who has my things: Irena Kizińska, Owadeńska Street 26 [?]

Today is 24 November [1939]. I am very curious when I’ll get your letter. Write about your health and our family, about private matters only. The address is given on the reverse – please address your letter as I did, i.e., both in Russian and in Polish. Please write back immediately.

Goodbye, my loves, I send you my best wishes and kisses, and kind regards for our friends.

Your son and brother,