Zawiercie, 6 September 1989

Dear Editor,

In response to the appeal published in your paper to report Polish officers who went missing in the Russian territory during the Second World War, I would like to kindly inform you that my father Marian Beliczyński, born on 23 June 1902 in Michałów, Grójec district, son of Wincenty and Magdalena n ée Wyleżyńska, was mobilized on 28 August 1939 to a military unit in Modlin as a second lieutenant in the reserve.

It follows from the letter that my mother received from him that he had fought in the Eastern Polish territories and had been interned in the USSR.

I enclose a photocopy of the only letter from the camp in Kozelsk from 24 November 1939, on the basis of which the Municipal Court in Zawiercie declared my father missing.

Yours sincerely,

A. Beliczyński, the son


24 November 1939

My dearest Wanda, Tadzik, and Jędrek!

I’m in Soviet Russia, and I’m fine.

Write me whether you’re in good health and all right – and what about the flat in Częstochowa? If you haven’t been there, go – if it’s at all possible – and report to President Szczodrowski or maybe his deputy, Dziuba – or Head Nowakowski – but first, maybe go to the technical department – whoever works there, they’ll help you. You’re entitled to receive salary for September, October, November, and three subsequent months. Think what’s best to do: to stay in Babsk and send Tadzik to school there, or to return to Częstochowa, where you might get a job at the town hall.

Please, darling, take good care of Tadzik and Jędrek and don’t forget me. I miss you dreadfully. Tadzik must go to school. Has Jędrek begun to walk and talk? Tell him often about his father. Write to me only in response to my letters. How are mother, Aunt Stacha and [illegible], the Tadkis, [illegible], and others? Do you know anything about Zygmula and his wife? I cannot learn anything about them. Write only about the things that I ask and only about our family matters.

Dear Tadzik! Daddy loves you very much and reminds you to listen to Mommy, be a good boy and a good student, and try to make it easy for Mommy while she’s alone, without Daddy. That’s what I ask of you. Be good for Jędrek, play with him, and help Mommy as much as you can.

Lots of kisses, to you, Mommy, Aunt, and others.

My current return address:
С.С.С.Р — город Козельск
Смоленской области
ящик Почтовый ящик №12
я Беличинский Мариян
я Викентиевич
Address the letter exactly as above.