Warsaw, 17 May 1989.

Mr Jędrzej Tucholski
“Zorza” Weekly Editorial Office

Dear Sir!

In response to the call for completing the Katyń list, I’m including information concerning my husband:

1. Bronisław Wajs, son of Józef and Tekla, born 29 November 1904 in Srebrna near Łódź, resident in Łódź, Piotrkowska Street 134, interned in Kozelsk.
2. Secondary education, an official in joint-stock company Elibor.
3. Infantry ensign, reservist, 4th Infantry Regiment in Łódź.
6. I received one letter, from Kozelsk, in December 1939. In January or February 1940, a couple of prisoners from Kozelsk came back to Łodź, who had declared to be of German nationality back there. I spoke to one of them (I don’t recall the surname) – he confirmed there had been two POWs in the camp called Wajs, one of them using a Polish spelling, another one German (Weiss). They had both declared they had the sense of being Poles and remained in the camp. In 1945 I learned that in a book published by Germans “Amtliches Material zum Massenmord von Katyn”, Berlin 1943, my husband’s surname is on p. 206: “Nr 1458, Wajs Bronisław, Ltn., Personalausweis, 1 Mitgliedskarte der Reserve-Offiziere, Taschenkalender,

Führerschein, Fotos, Visitenkarte, 1 Brief ”.

On 15 April 1946, I received a statement from the Information Office of PCK which claimed that my husband’s surname is on the list of exhumed in Kozia Góra near Smoleńsk.

7. Find attached:

a. copy of the statement from Information Office of PCK from 15 April 1946,

b. photocopy of my husband’s photograph from 1937.