Editorial Board of the “Zorza” weekly
00-551 Warsaw
Mokotowska Street 43

With regard to the article (appeal) concerning the completion of the Katyń list (“Dziennik Zachodni” of 29 March 1989), I kindly ask you to send me – or point me to the sources of – information pertaining to Capt. Andrzej Wachowicz, who was interned in September 1939 probably in the POW camp in Kozelsk.

I am a nephew of the above-named and the last surviving close relative, and I would like to obtain as much information as possible – this task, for various reasons, was unattainable for the wife and siblings of Capt. Andrzej Wachowicz.

I am aware that the data provided by me (presented below in the sequence from the article) are far from complete, but this is all I know at the moment.

Captain Andrzej Wachowicz:

son of Cezary and Maria Wachowicz,
born in 1898 in Jezierna near Biała Cerkiew (USSR),
last place of residence: Łódź, Srebrzyńska Street 88,
internment camp: Kozelsk (probably),
military rank: captain, no. 4775,
military service: officer in active service,
military occupational specialty: artillery.

I attached a photograph of Capt. Andrzej Wachowicz taken shortly before the outbreak of the Second World War and a photograph of him and his wife which he might have had on him (please kindly return them after they are utilized). I don’t have any other information, e.g., camp correspondence.

Sending you my kindest regards, I would like to ask you once again for at least a handful of information that would make it possible for me to learn about the last moments and the fate of Capt. Andrzej Wachowicz. I feel obliged to thank you in advance.

Respectfully yours,
Engineer Andrzej Wachowicz