Czeladź, 31 September 1989

Stanisława Borkowska

Editorial Board of the “Zorza” weekly
“The list of the missing”
Mokotowska Street 23 [sic!]
00-551 Warsaw

In response to the appeal made by engineer Jędrzej Tucholski in “Dziennik Zachodni” of 29 March 1989 (“An attempt at completing the Katyń list”), I would like to provide information about my husband, by answering consecutive questions from the questionnaire:

1. Wacław Borkowski, son of Zofia and Marcin, born on 23 April 1905 in Łuków, resident of Brześć nad Bugiem.
2. Secondary education, white-collar worker, senior inspector at the Voivodeship Police Headquarters in Brześć nad Bugiem, position: voivodeship senior intendant.
3. Data provided under point 4 for the Polish State Police.
4. Senior inspector at the Voivodeship Police Headquarters in Brześć nad Bugiem.
5. He was taken captive around 15 September 1939 in the area of Kowel, where he was headed in his police uniform after the evacuation from Brześć nad Bugiem.
6. In March 1940, my husband sent a letter from Ostashkov to our address in Brześć nad Bugiem. I didn’t receive his letter, because in September all families of policemen had to flee. I finally arrived in Warsaw. After some time, I met a friend from Brześć who left the town at a later date, and she told me that a letter had come from my husband from Ostashkov and that she had sent it to my Warsaw address. This letter never reached me – it got lost. [I sent] letters [to] the Polish Red Cross, [to] England, and France, asking about my husband. I always received the same answer: “address unknown”.
7. I don’t have any documents, correspondence, or photographs, as I lost everything in the Warsaw Uprising.
8. I provide my address and personal data, as I don’t want to remain anonymous – I have suffered enough, and I am 85 years old. My wish is to learn the fate of my husband before I die. Stanisława Borkowska – the wife, […].

I am glad that there are people who took up the issue of the Katyń crime, which has been hushed up for decades.

Stanisława Borkowska, the wife