Piotrków Trybunalski, 16 October 1989

“ Zorza ” Editorial Office

eng. Jędrzej Tucholski
“List of victims – Ostashkov”

I would like to supplement the information published in “Zorza” no. 39: “List of victims, part II – Ostashkov”, entry 2568 – “Police constable Stanisław Oryński, Kolędziany Station, Czortków district.”

I am a nephew of the aforementioned. According to family information, two of his sisters are still alive. I know that my uncle, Stanisław Oryński, was born in April 1911 in Piotrków Trybunalski, names of parents: Piotr and Stanisława née Serw, he graduated from State Police School in Mosty Wielkie (1936), 8th company, and served in East Kresy, in Ukraine, as listed above.

During the occupation, to his parent’s address – Piotrków Trybunalski, Piłsudskiego Street 79 before the war, and presently Wojska Polskiego Street 79 – came two postcards written by my uncle, wherein he stated that he was staying in Ostashkov. The first came at the turn of of 1939 and 1940, which he finished with the words: “Greetings from your son and brother Stasiek,” the second came in spring 1940, ending with the words: “Goodbye from your son and brother Stasiek.” This gave us a reason to suppose he died in Russia. As far as I know, my uncle knew Russian and Ukrainian very well, hence the presumption he might have been suspecting something which made him say goodbye in the last message. Unfortunately, I’m not in possession of these postcards.

After the liberation, the International Red Cross were searching for him. Also his brother- in-law, Apolinary Nowakowski, a railwayman, currently dead, attempted to get to USSR in order to search for him. He also wrote to USSR (1902 [sic]), knowing Russian, and he got an answer: “ U nas takowo niet.” Sending you this complementary information, I thank you in the name of my family, and enclose my compliments.

Czesław Oryński