Kędzierzyn-Koźle, 5 September 1989

Editorial Board of the “Zorza”
in Warsaw

I hereby ask for the inclusion on the list of the missing in the USSR of my father Wojciech Bielecki, born probably in 1896 in Ludwikówka, Rohatyn district, Stanisławowskie Voivodeship, son of Franciszek and Franciszka née Budna.

In 1939, my father worked at the station of the Polish State Police in Wojniłów, Kałusz district, Stanisławowskie Voivodeship. He was arrested in 1939, and after a temporary stay in the prison in Kałusz, he was deported to Ostashkov, from where we received a postcard written in his hand. In April 1940, my mother Helena and I were deported to Kazakhstan, and we didn’t receive any correspondence from my father there. I also don’t have any documents, as they were lost in the war turmoil.

Yours sincerely,
Edward Bielecki