Warsaw, 1 August 1989

Bożenna Jastrzębska née Godlewska

Esteemed Editorial Office!

For some time now I have been following publications – in any case those that are available to me – concerning the persons who went missing in the USSR in 1939, however I have not been able to find any trace of my Father. The information that I possess, and which I hereby submit, is scant.

− Bronisław Godlewski, son of Marcel and Anastazja née Kukawka, born on 29 May 1900 in

the village of Płoniawy, Ostrołęka Voivodeship, former district of Maków Mazowiecki.

− A graduate of the Police School in Wielkie Mosty, no. 2,077.

− A Sergeant of the State Police (the Blue Police), no. 3,567, secretary of the 7th Police Station at Krochmalna Street in Warsaw.

− He left his station on 5 or [...] September 1939, probably heading for Kowel; a witness mentioned that he saw him near Biała Podlaska.

− The last piece of information was also provided by a witness – a man who accompanied him on the transport to Ostashkov, one Mr Zalewski, an officer of the Polish Army who managed to escape from the transport.

− I have no other information, and our family received no letters.

I would be grateful for helping me to find a trace – any trace – of my Father’s fate.

Yours sincerely,
Bożenna Godlewska
presently Bożenna Jastrzębska