Jelenia Góra, 4 April 1989

Zdzisława Gorra

Editorial Office of the “Zorza” weekly
“List of persons reported missing”

I hereby report my father, Ignacy Górzyński, born on 3 August 1899 in Gutanów, son of Jan and Franciszka née Mirosławów, who was murdered in Ostashkov. He served at the police station in Górzno, district of Garwolin, from 1 April 1939, and lived in the village of Reducin.

Having been summoned, he left for Brześć nad Bugiem on 6 September 1939. The last communication which we received from him was from May 1940 (he sent a postcard, which is no longer extant). From that time on we received no further information regarding his whereabouts. My Mother was informed by Home Army partisans from Garwolin that there had been four thousand Polish policemen in the camp.

None of his friends returned either.

Zdzisława Gorra, daughter