Wanda Dudek

Editorial Office of the “Zorza” weekly
“List of persons reported missing”
Mokotowska Street 43
00-551 Warsaw

Dear Editors!

Pursuant to the appeal for an update of the Katyń list, I would like to request that the name of my father’s brother be put on the list. He was murdered in the camp in Kozelsk, from where his family received his first and only letter. I submit its photocopy together with the copies of other documents.

My father is deceased. Sadly, he did not live long enough to be able to openly talk about his murdered brother and honor him. In the name of my father and the closest relatives who are no longer alive, I would like to ask you to commemorate this atrocious crime by putting my uncle’s name on the Katyń list.

1. Bogumił Dionizy Nowicki, born on 19 December 1907 in Chełmża, district of Toruń, son of Michał and Jadwiga.
2. A veterinarian – University of Warsaw (6 October 1930) and painter – he graduated from artist Alfred Terlecki’s private school of fine arts (30 June 1937).
3. Bogumił Dionizy Nowicki – called to active duty on 3 August 1931. The rest of the data is in the submitted copy of his military service book (reference number 717/35) issued in Toruń on 26 June 1935.
4. My father, Czesław Nowicki, met his brother for the last time on the street in Lublin in September or at the beginning of October 1939, after his brother Bogumił’s mounted rifles regiment had been scattered. The next piece of information received by the family was the letter from Kozelsk – the camp from which no one came back.

Wanda Dudek, née Nowicka, daughter of Czesław.


25 November 1939

Dear Mother!

I am in good health. I worry about you.

Winter is coming, so please send me the following pieces of warm clothing, if you may:

one warm shirt,
a pair of long underwear,
two pairs of socks,
one long linen scarf,
a pair of warm gloves.

Please do not send other items or food in the package, the clothes can be used. Below you will find the address in Russian.

I am sending you my warmest greetings,
B. Nowicki

P.S. Please send the letter and the package separately.

The address:
Богумил Новицкий [Bogumil Novitskyi],
город Козелск Смоленская область [town of Kozelsk, Smolensk Oblast]
Почтоый Ящик Nr 12 [mailbox no. 12]