24 September 1989.

“Zorza” Editorial Office
Mokotowska Street 43
in Warsaw

I’m reporting a surname of a missing officer, who has not been found until this day, to the missing persons list.

Personal information:

1. Wacław Mittek, born 1907 in Natolin, son of Franciszek and Eleonora Adamczyk.
2. Last known place of residence and work – Spała near Warsaw.
3. Profession – teacher, school principal in Spała.
4. He graduated from Cadet School [Reserve of] Artillery in Włodzimierz Wołyński and was conscripted into the 16th Light Artillery Regiment in Skierniewice.
5. Conscripted as a reservist in the rank of ensign, he was a battery commander in September 1939.

The only news from him was a card informing about setting out to war. There was no further news on his journey or from any camp. In his unit was a colleague named Obieżychleb, who had supposedly wrote to his family, saying that W.M. is with him in Kozielsk. I wasn’t able to find the family in order to obtain the information.

Mr Odbieżychleb was drafted as a reservist in the rank of ensign, he was a graduate of the College of Commerce in Poznań. If he [Odbieżychleb] is listed anywhere, maybe W. Mittek is listed there as unidentified, too.

Above data reported by Janina Mittek