Szczecin, 22 May 1989

Editorial Office of the “Zorza” weekly
in Warsaw

Concerns: List of persons reported missing

I hereby submit the personal details of my Father, Ludwik Szałajko, who was reported missing while a prisoner of war on the territory of the Soviet Union, and also information about his activities:


1. Ludwik Szałajko.
2. Son of Franciszek and Maria.
3. Born on 6 January 1895 in Bircza, district of Dobromil.
4. Last resident in Żelechów, district of Garwolin.
5. Presumably interned in Ostashkov.

II. Data concerning education and employment

1. Secondary education, and he also completed a Higher Course for Teachers.
2. A teacher.
3. Last place of work: Elementary School No. 1 in Żelechów, employed as a teacher.

III. Data concerning military service

1. A Second Lieutenant of the Infantry, on the Army Reserve list.
2. Military service: 20 August 1914 – 1. Infantry Regiment of the Polish Legions, thereafter the 3. Infantry Regiment of the Polish Legions (Platoon Sergeant), 5 July 1916 – taken prisoner by the Russians in the Battle of Kostiuchnówka. Freed, he volunteered for the 38. Infantry Regiment, in which he served from 16 August 1920 to January 1921.
3. A recipient of the Bronze Cross of Gallantry and the Cross of Independence.

IV. Towards the end of August 1939 he was called up and posted (in Garwolin), in all probability, to the Gendarmerie or the Military Police (army uniforms with navy blue insets). Rank: Second Lieutenant.

V. He was captured around 20 September 1939 in Busk near Lwów.

VI. Soldiers returning home informed us of the fact that he had been taken prisoner and detained in the camp in Shepetivka. We never received any information directly from Father. The only shred of evidence that points to him having been in Ostashkov is the list presented in the book entitled “Lista katyńska”, page 253, elaborated by A. Moszyński, which was published abroad.