20 August 1989

Mokotowska Street 43
“The list of the missing”

In “Express Wieczorny” of 18 March 1989 I read an interview with Mr. Jędrzej Tucholski, entitled “When the Living Still Remember” concerning prisoners of war from Katyń. Due to the fact that my father was imprisoned in that camp, I would like to provide his personal data:

[Name and] surname: Emil Szwarc,
born on 17 June 1895 in Grójec near Warsaw,
Polish citizenship,
son of Michał and Filipina n ée Hauzer,
last place of residence: Ruda Pabianicka near Łódź, Łąkowa Street,
secondary education,
occupation: office worker at the headquarters of the Polish State Police in Łódź, Przejazd Street; rank: senior inspector; he also worked half-time as an accountant for the Mutual Assistance Fund of the employees of the Polish State Police in Łódź, Piotrkowska Street 100,
I received a message sent by private means and written on a scrap of paper in the year 1940; address:

Kalinin Oblast, Ostashkov
POW camp

–he was taken captive beyond the Vistula in September or October 1939, when the Russians entered the Polish territories.

Should you have any news about my father, please let me know.

In 1956 I searched for my father through the Polish Red Cross, but they answered me with a negative response.