Żyrardów, 17 May 1989

Editorial Board of the “Zorza” weekly
in Warsaw

I hereby report as missing in the USSR my father Edmund Oskólski, son of Wojciech and Cecylia, born on 12 July 1889 in Żyrardów, residing in Żyrardów since 1939, with elementary education, an inspector of the Polish State Police who worked in Grodzisk Mazowiecki as the purchasing manager.

At the beginning of 1940 we received a message from father, saying that he was in the camp in Ostashkov. The people who returned from the camp said that father didn’t want to change uniform for civilian clothes and that this was his undoing. He asked them to tell his family that he would be alright in Russia. He was fluent in Russian in speech and writing. As a citizen of the Russian Partition, he did his military service in Russia.

After the war, my mother (presently deceased) made inquiries concerning my father through the Polish Red Cross. She received answers, but to the effect that such a surname was not listed anywhere.

I recall that two policemen, Górka and Przybyłowski, remained with my father in the USSR.

On behalf of myself, my sons and grandchildren I would like to sincerely thank you for taking up such a tedious and difficult task.