Pruszków, 10 July 1989

the Editorial Office of the “Zorza” weekly
00-551 Warsaw
Mokotowska Street 43
“List of persons reported missing”

My father’s name was published in “Zorza”, issue 19, dated 7 May 1989, under no. 3169. In accordance with the points regarding the completing the Katyń list (“Słowo Powszechne”), I provide all the information I have.

Ad 1. Boguchwał Stanisław Ogłaza, son of Józef and Waleria, born on 22 March 1898 in Sielec, resided in Kielce-Bukówka, Kozelsk camp.

Ad 2. and 3. Major, infantry, professional, leader of the Divisional Course of the Officer Cadets of the Reserve of the 4th Legions Infantry Regiment in Kielce-Bukówka. Together with the reservists he was the last one to leave the barracks, and he was ordered to make for Eastern Poland.

Ad 5. and 6. He was captured by the Russians in Włodzimierz (I do not know the date). Mom received the first message concerning father from a lieutenant from the 4th Legions Infantry Regiment, who managed to escape from the transport to Russia which included also my father and other officers.

Mom received only one letter from Kozelsk, dated 19 February 1940, no. 1 (featuring several names of people who also were murdered).


1. a photograph of my dad,
2. a copy of the letter from Kozelsk,
3. a copy of the address from the envelope,
4. copies of the photographs:

a. an official march in Kielce – father at the front,

b. father, as the duty officer greets Rydz-Śmigły, 1938, Kielce.

I would like to add that even as a young boy my father worked in and belonged to a clandestine scout organization in the Dąbrowa Basin. In the years 1915-1916, he performed the function of a squad leader, and in 1919 he was in the staff during the First Silesian Uprising as a scout, member of the Polish Military Organization, and so on.

No words can express the appreciation and gratitude I feel for the people who investigate the Katyń Massacre.

Thank you


19 February 1940 N.1

Dear Stasieńka!

I learned about your stay in Kielce from the letters. I finally breathed a sigh of relief. I was very anxious about you all and I constantly worried about your life and health. You probably have my address by now. I wrote three letters – on 25 November to Sosnowiec, and on 6 and 7 January to Zawiercie. I received news about you in the letter from Kordasiewicz, Ciepluch, and Mrs. Lużyńska to Dulemba.

My Dear all, it took a load off my mind and made me so happy to receive news about you. I have so many questions: how are you doing, where are you living, do you have money? I do not know what will happen to me, and I will not be able to help you out any time soon. Tell me everything about you and the kids, write to me often. Take care of your health and do not worry. We will start over, as if once again; we will build our fortune from scratch; I am hopeful. All we need is health and good mood, and the rest will follow. Are the kids studying? Do they remember their father? Explain to Duda what it means to be an immigrant, internee, and to be held in captivity.

Will you stay in Kielce or travel to your family? Life in Kielce is relatively normal, as far as I know. It seems to me that staying in Kielce – if possible – would be better, but it is hard for me to give advice.

Please inform Wanda Grodzieńska that I had met her father during the evacuation. He looked very poorly and emaciated, as if he was starving. He was complaining that he had lost all of his things apart from the clothes on his back, but he was optimistic. I had no time to take care of him, and I was unable to help him anyway.

I am healthy – physically I feel fine. I worry the most about where you are going to live. I will write to you once a month. I wrote to the office of search for relatives to Warsaw (Wiejska Street 9), inquiring about you. Please write to them and call it off, because I cannot.

I am seeing Dr. Leydo, he sends regards to his wife. Wrona did not receive a letter from the Wiatrowski family (Prosta Street 22). Butwiłło sends kisses to his wife. Kordasiewicz worries that he did not hear from his wife. Dulemba sends regards, I did not see Sikorski, I think he has been captured by the Germans.

I am expecting many letters from you and the kids. I am sending you lots of kisses.

Boguś, dear children, take care of your Mom, do not let her worry, keep helping her and be very kind.