Editorial Office of the “Zorza”
Family Weekly
Mokotowska Street 43
00-551 Warsaw

In connection with the list of names of officers murdered in the territory of the USSR that was published in the aforementioned weekly, I would like to provide information concerning the following person:

Tadeusz Kobel, born in 1912 in Lwów, student of the Lwów Polytechnic [University], mobilized on 27 August 1939, 26th Infantry Regiment in Lwów, second lieutenant of the reserve, participant of the defence of Lwów during the conflict with the Germans. After Lwów was submitted to the Soviet Union, they were marched to Winniki near Lwów with a dozen or so thousands of Polish soldiers, and put in tobacco factories. While they were there, direct contact with the above-mentioned person was still possible. Several days later they were transported to Starobelsk. From January 1940, he kept sending postcards once a month. I received four cards (January, February, March, April). The postcard which I received in the first few days of April – which had been written in March – was the last message I have received to this date.