1. Personal data (surname, name, date and place of birth):

Tadeusz Pisowicz, 10 January 1910 [in] Skrzyszów, district of Tarnów.

2. Data concerning military service (military rank, arm of service, reservist or professional, where mobilized/posted – unit, military position, participation in the September Campaign, when taken prisoner or arrested, camp from which letters were sent):

Lieutenant (Captain), professional officer, sapper, mobilization – Lwów. His brother in Równe received four postcards sent from the camp in Starobilsk (December 1939 and January, February and March 1940).

3. Was he on the German list (in newspapers printed by the Germans)?


4. When and from where did the last postcard (letter) arrive?

Starobilsk, March 1940.

5. Data concerning education and employment (education, profession, place of work, address of residence):

A professional officer, in 1939 he graduated from the Warsaw Technical University.

6. Surname, name, address (telephone number) of the reporting person:



A postcard written to Antoni Pisowicz (Tadeusz’s father) by Tadeusz’s brother concerning the fact that Tadeusz Pisowicz [missing]:

Równe, 6 January 1940

Писович Марян
ул. Мицкевича 12 k.l.b
Западная Украина

Германя – Oberschlesien
Antoni Pisowicz
Rosenstraβe 808
(vorher Sienkiewicz-Strasse)

Dearest! Two days ago we received your postcard dated 4 December and wrote back to you, while today we received your postcard dated 20 December, sent by registered mail. Thus, the second communication arrived much quicker. We also tried to reach you on a few occasions – through the Red Cross, Professor Bulak [?], Elza Sach, and finally through Janka, and I think that the last communication was surest to reach you, so you probably have it. We also wrote to the Lonkas, and I must say that I am surprised that we have received nothing from them to date.

We were saddened by the fact that Mother is feeling poorly. Please do not worry about us, we are coping somehow. Both Marysia and I are teaching, so it is not too bad. Wandzia is with us, but she really wants to go back to you. We are now inquiring whether it would be possible for us to leave with the local Germans. In any case we think that in a few days we will receive another postcard from you with news from Janka, and possibly with hints. Please write what we should do with your things: underwear, clothes, etc. – ought we to sell them, or should we wait.

We have informed you a number of times about Tadek. He wrote only once, stating that he was alright and in good spirits. I wrote him back immediately, but I have not yet received a reply. Write to him, [his] address: Старобельск, почтовый ящик Нр 15 (Писович Тадеуш) / Starobilsk, mail box no. 15.

We are sending this postcard by registered mail, so as to be sure that you get it. Do you have an old-age pension? Please write whether the schools are open back home [sic!]? Is Staszek in Auschwitz? For we learned by chance that Stanisław P., Franciszek’s son, is here in Równe, but we cannot learn anything more.

Ending my letter, I wish you the best of luck. Do not worry about us, we are in good spirits and remain convinced that we shall all meet up soon. Please accept our sincerest kisses.