Gdańsk, 4 April 1989


Editorial Office of the “Zorza” weekly
Mokotowska Street 43
00-551 Warsaw

Concerns: the list of Polish soldiers reported missing in the USSR

Looking through the list of the missing published in the “Zorza” weekly and reading the notice in “Dziennik Bałtycki” of 20 March 1989 entitled “Kim byli zaginieni jeńcy?”, I felt compelled to submit data concerning my father, Władysław Stahr, and other materials that I have in my possession (especially as my mother, Maria Stahr, Władysław’s widow, died three years ago), which I hereby do.

1. My father’s personal details are as follows:

Władysław Stahr, son of Adam and Teofilia,
born on 7 March 1892 in Grodzisk Wielkopolski,
(last) address of residence: Nisko nad Sanem, 3 Maja Street 720,
interned in 1939 – the camp in Kozelsk.
2. Data concerning education and employment: secondary education (secondary school [in] Grodzisk Wielkopolski).

3. Data concerning military service: Captain (appointed on 17 December 1924):

–56. Greater Poland Infantry Regiment [in] Krotoszyn – commander of 8. Company from 1 July 1929 (registered under no. 178/29),

–from 16 July 1932 until the outbreak of war in 1939 he served at the District Recruiting Board [?] – Nisko nad Sanem.

Additional data:

–a participant of the Greater Poland Uprising (certificate from the Central Military Archives no. IV/TWAW [dated] 27 May 1978 – basis CAW MN 170338),


a. Cross of Valor (10 December 1920),
b. Silver Cross of Merit (17 November 1928),
c. Independence Medal (17 March 1938).

4. –

5. He was captured in September 1939 near Łuck (I do not know the details).
6. His letters, numbering three–four in all, came from the camp in Kozelsk (I do not have any of these letters in my possession).
7. I attach the following:
a photocopy of the “Goniec Krakowski” newspaper dated 11 June 1943 (one [?] page), which mentions my father’s name and surname (spelt properly – Stahr); he is registered under no. 2178 (circled in red),
a photocopy of a letter from the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Moscow, dated 18 June 1948,
a copy of a statement attesting to my father’s participation in the September Campaign, in the war with Germany of 1939.

Yours very sincerely,

PS First of all I sincerely request that you allow me to order the book which is due to be published on the above topic.


Colonel Józef Szajewski
resident in Włochy near Warsaw
Kościelna Street 17


I hereby attest that Władysław Stahr, born on 7 March 1892 in Grodzisk Wielkopolski, served in the Polish Army from 1918 as a regular (professional) officer in the rank of Captain (seniority as of 1 July 1923), and also that he fought in the September Campaign of 1939 against Germany.

I am empowered to submit the above declaration since I served as commandant of the Recruiting Board in Nisko between 1934 and the outbreak of war in 1939, while Captain Władysław Stahr was my deputy, and so I knew his personal details and military record by virtue of my position.

Colonel Józef Szajewski

On 15 October 1948 I, Zygmunt Hübner, notary public in Warsaw, having my legal chambers in the Hipoteka building in Warsaw at Kapucyńska Street under no. 6, hereby attest that the above signature was affixed in my presence by Józef Szajewski, known to me personally, whose identity I determined on the basis of identity card no. 1474, submitted to myself, which was issued by the “Wiedza” printing cooperative (Spółdzielnia Wydawnicza “Wiedza” z odp. udz.) on 5 April 1948 in Warsaw, resident in the district of Włochy at Kościelna Street 17.

No stamp duty was collected, as this is not provided for in the table of stamp duties. A notarial fee was collected pursuant to § 21, this totaling 60 Polish zlotys.

Zygmunt Hübner
Notary Public