On 21 May 1946 in Chorzów, Judge W. Czosnek interviewed the person named below as a witness, having first taken an oath. The witness was advised of the criminal liability for making false declarations and of the significance of the oath. The judge took an oath therefrom, following which the witness testified as follows:

Name and surname Edward Majewski
Date of birth 6 July 1903
Parents’ names Adolf and Agnieszka
Place of residence Chorzów II, Dombka Street 16, flat 13.
Occupation an employee of "Społem"
Religion Roman Catholic
Criminal record none
Relationship to the parties none

I was a resident of the Wola district in Warsaw, however during the Warsaw Uprising I was living in the Czerniaków district. Once the Uprising broke out, I was unable to return to Wola.

In the second half of September 1944, when the Germans (Wehrmacht) – accompanied by Vlasovtsy soldiers – were capturing block after block, they held mass executions, a number of which I observed from a distance. In addition, the Vlasovtsy soldiers would rape the women. I was unable to view the execution spots from close up, for these areas were occupied by the Germans, while the insurrectionists were gradually withdrawing.

On 23 September, after Czerniaków had been captured by the Germans and when the people were spontaneously trying to save the patients of the burning hospital, which had been bombed during the fighting by German aeroplanes, the Vlasovtsy soldiers were committing rapes. Further details concerning these incidents may be provided by Jan Pudkowski (Warsaw, Boncza Street 2a). According to my calculations, a few hundred patients perished in the hospital at the time. I cannot provide more specific information regarding the dates and locations at which executions were carried out, nor the number of people shot and their surnames, for – as I have stressed above – I witnessed the executions from a rather considerable distance.

The report was brought to a close.