Esteemed Sir,

In connection with the communique broadcast by one of the TV stations, I would like to submit information about my missing Father, Feliks Kołodziejczyk, who probably shared the fate of the other Polish officers murdered in Katyn.

My Father was a Polish officer in the rank of Major. On the first day of the War he received an order to report to the command of the forces defending Kraków. On that very day we lost all contact with him – until we received a communication which he sent from Starobilsk, a copy of which I have attached.

Already during the War we were notified by friends that [Father] had been spotted in September 1939, together with other officers, in Lwów. My mother sent a few letters to the address in Starobilsk, however we received no reply and no information regarding my Father’s fate.

During the War, once the Katyn massacre was disclosed, I studied the lists published in the German-administered press titles that were available in Kraków. After the War I tried to gain access to the lists published abroad, while recently I had the opportunity of reading the list printed in your book “Lista katyńska”.

The surname Kołodziejczyk appears a number of times, however the names, ranks and dates of birth (my Father was born in 1889) do not fit.

While submitting the abovementioned information, I would kindly ask you to supplement the list of murdered officers with my Father’s name, and I would also [request] any information that you could obtain while exploring the issue of the Katyn massacre.

I have in my possession a prewar photograph of my Father standing among a group of officers. One of them is General Smorawiński, whose body was identified in Katyn. Should you need this photograph for any purpose, I can make a copy and send it to you.