Class 5
Primary school in Krężnica Jara

My memories

It was during the harvest on 22 July 1944. The Germans were withdrawing from Poland, carrying everything off with them. The hope of freedom blossomed in Polish hearts, and at the same time so did the fear of the withdrawing enemy.

At around 3 a.m., German cars started to drive through our village of Krężnica Jara. They rounded up people and took them with them in order to boost the ranks of Polish martyrs. They also brought a group of people from near Parczew to our village. They died horribly in the meadow by the river. A few of them managed to survive by escaping. There is now an oaken cross standing at that killing site.

The rain was really pouring on Sunday and made it difficult for the Germans to flee. The Germans were crawling around in the mud like ants, putting their coats under their cars because the road was getting worse and worse. We hid in the basement. We held out there until Monday. The lightning mainly showed that the escape was still in progress.

Units of Polish partisans bravely took up the fight with the enemy. The hope of freedom and throwing off the yoke of slavery ignited in Polish hearts. And that is what happened – the malevolent German faces disappeared and we saw the Polish army and heard Polish songs. At last, the white eagle unfurled its wings above our free country.