School no. 3
Class 6
Primary school no. 3 in Łuków
22 June 1946

Experiences from the war – arrest

On the eve of Whitsun, everyone was working hard cleaning and baking cakes; everyone was cheerful and happy that we would get to spend the holidays together. My aunt put dinner on the table and the freshly-baked bread and butter gave off an appetizing aroma. We started to eat dinner.

Suddenly, someone knocked. A voice outside could be heard shouting in German. My aunt cried in terror: “Gestapo!” Everyone froze, nobody knew what to do. Meanwhile, the Gestapo officers broke down the door and came into the house. They took my uncle. The children all cried, hugging their father, not wanting to let him go. My aunt started to ask for them to release my uncle, but the Gestapo men were unmoved by the appeals of his wife and the tears of his children. They hustled my uncle out, barefoot and with just the shirt on his back, to be killed. He will never see his wife and his beloved children again. They murdered him in a horrible way in Auschwitz in 1944.