Class 7
Primary school no. 2
Parczew, 11 June 1946

My wartime experiences

The Germans were forced to give up Parczew when the Soviets arrived. They took a mass of Ukrainians with them, driving them in front. I was with my friends by the river at the time. We heard a horrible explosion from Kościelna Street and a house started to burn at the same time. My friends and I ran home. My friend and I left home and went to the trenches and I lost my parents in the meantime. The tanks started shooting horribly. The Germans fled as best they could. Some of them dressed as civilians, but they were captured and led to school no. 2 under an armed guard.

The next day, I went to my friends at Stępków and my parents stayed in Parczew. We went to sleep in the barn in the evening. At around midnight I heard the roar of planes and the booming of bombs. I got up quickly and ran out of the barn and into the yard. People were not sleeping, they were sitting in their basements and saying their prayers.

When daylight came, I went home to Parczew to see if my parents were alive. I heard word in the town that the building and the barn by the mill had been burned and that the owner of the building had been wounded. The Germans had wanted to hit both [missing].