Jadwiga Dąbrowska
Class 7

My wartime experiences

When the war started, we were still very young. In the first year of the war I was in first grade. The worst enemies, thirsty for Polish blood, assaulted our country. They tormented us horribly and did not let us learn history or geography. They took away our books, maps and textbooks. It was difficult for us to live in captivity. This bloodthirsty foe persecuted the Polish nation and imposed huge taxes and quotas. So many people died, so many lost their lives in Majdanek or Auschwitz only because they were Poles and worked for free and independent Poland. Our brothers and sisters went into hiding to avoid deportation to Germany for forced labor.

When the front approached, we hid in a trench. We could see the Germans running away. We were very glad to see these horrible enemies go, because that meant they would no longer oppress us. On Saturday there were no more Germans in sight, because the Russians drove these horrible enemies away. Now we will work to make sure that Poland remains free and independent.