Irena Jasińska
Class 6b
Sławatycze, 12 June 1946

The memory of the German occupation

On 17 September 1939, our Homeland lost its independence. The Polish army was forced to retreat. Many were taken prisoner. People were scared, as the Germans were searching their homes. Some were forced to go to Germany, the youth were hiding in the woods and trenches, and young boys were forcibly conscripted to the youth corps. However, many of them refused to go, and organizations were formed in the forests. The partisans blew up trains transporting enemy troops and fought a clandestine war. There was a crematorium in Sobibór in our district, where people were burned.

Our entire childhood was sad. We went to a cramped, dark and cold school, we learned privately at home, we hardly used any books, because they were forbidden. We could read the Ster magazine, but you could not find much in terms of news there. When we grow up, we are going to be bold citizens, and we will rebuild our destroyed Homeland together.