Kazimiera Kaczejko
Class 5b
Wisznice, Włodawa district
19 June [1946]

My wartime experience

The front came to us on 21 July [1944], as people were digging trenches. My brother and dad took our cows and horses into the woods, because the Germans were taking them away. At 10 a.m., the Germans arrived on five carts. They wanted to steal everything and kill our uncle, but he managed to hide in a rye field, while we decided to go into the woods with the whole family and our aunt.

There were many people in the forest, cows and horses were walking in the meadow, and we were hiding in a haystack. After dark, we took our cows and horses home. After getting back, we went to sleep in the trenches, while dad kept watch to see if we were getting bombed. In Polubicze, cars were on fire all night long. In the morning, mum woke me up and said that the front line was now gone.