Warsaw, 5 April 1950. Judge [no surname of the interviewer], acting as a member of the Main Commission for the Investigation of German Crimes in Poland, interviewed the person named below, who testified as follows:

Forename and surname Tadeusz Zimiński
Date and place of birth 8 March 1905, Warsaw
Occupation priest
Place of residence Białołęcka Street 38

Throughout the Uprising, right until 28 August 1944, I was in Bródno and Annopol. In our area, the Uprising lasted more or less two hours. The Germans burned down the school at Białołęcka Street 36, from which the insurgents were shooting.

On 2 August, the Germans committed a crime on six civilian men who were dragged from the basement of the house at Marywilska Street 3. They proceeded to execute the owner of the house, Gniadek, his son, Woźniakowski, and some other men (whose surnames I do not remember) in a potato field at the corner of Toruńska and Wysockiego streets. The Germans did not commit any other crimes in our area during the Uprising.

On 26 August, the Germans, Wehrmacht soldiers, started taking all of the men from Bródno and deporting them through Pruszków to various camps in Germany.

The men from Annopol were taken on 28 August and also transported through Pruszków. I managed to escape from Pruszków, so I did not go to a camp in Germany.

The Germans also displaced women from Annopol, but at a later date.