Jan Abramczuk
15 June 1946

My wartime experiences

A certain family lived in my village of Przewłocz [Przewłoka?]. The father was a trader and earned a living that way, until one day he was denounced by the local Volksdeutsche. Then the Germans came to learn where the man lived; they went there and ordered him to gather his things. Realizing what was about to happen, the mother begged the Germans for mercy, but the only thing she received was a few kicks from the military policeman. After that she, her husband and two sons were led behind the stable and shot with revolvers. The older son managed to escape to the fields and save his life. The younger son stayed with his mother and died with her from a German bullet. Many people were grieving the family. In the evening, the Germans ordered us to prepare a big feast to celebrate the killing of, as they said, “bandits.” Those who were not willing to obey were threatened with death. This event spoiled everyone’s day, and nobody was sure about their lives because we could still see the image of innocent Poles falling. This is one of my wartime experiences.