Krzysztof Włodarczyk
Class 6
Lisikierz, Mysłów commune

Memories from the German occupation

On 3 April 1944, an unfortunate incident happened in Wola. At noon, when I was doing my homework, I saw the sinister face of a military policeman in my neighbor’s yard. The German was poking a young man with a bayonet and shouting at him, trying to get some answers. Upon seeing this, I ran to the attic and watched the terrible crime of the German murderers through a hole in the roof. All I could hear among the clanking of weapons and the whistling of bullets was the wailing of a heartbroken mother, which was soon drowned out by the cruel laughter of the Krauts. After a while I heard a muffled noise of their car, which meant they had already left. I felt a little better, but not for long, because when I went downstairs, I saw my friend’s mother crying. She told me that Władek was killed. My hair standing on end, I rushed to the yard. It was bleak, like a graveyard. Even the dogs went into their houses and were howling in fear. Władek was lying face down near the fence, and his innocent blood was pouring out of his young body.